140th Anniversary Battle of Franklin (pictures) Tennessee, October 1-3, 2004 

Members of the 149th NY at the Carter House, Franklin. Where the battle was fought hand to hand with bayonet and clubbed musket

  As Drayton's Brigade 3rd SC  1862. 

South Mountain Battlefield  State Park, Sept. 10 -13th 2004

The men of Brigadier General Thomas Drayton's brigade suffered 50% casualties (killed, wounded, and missing). at the battle of South Mountain.  They were part of General Longstreet's Corps and had marched that morning from Hagerstown, Maryland. 

As the 7th Wisconsin, 142nd Second Bull Run Living History August 27-29, 2004

                                                                             With the Southern Guard 

In August 1862 the green troops of the soon to be named "Iron Brigade" faced the veteran and battle hardened troops of the Stonewall Brigade. Among the units in the Iron Brigade was Company I, of the 7th Wisconsin, who were dubbed "The Northwest Tigers". The Tigers experienced their baptism of fire at the Brawner Farm and throughout their service, fought as one of the toughest fighting units formed in the 1860's. By wars end, 7th Wisconsin lost 424 men, or 26 per cent, and it was the third highest of all the regiments in the war, with a total loss in killed and wounded of 1,016.


Recreating a company and march route of the 15th Alabama on Big Round top at Gettysburg where it lost 19 killed and 123 wounded, out of 425 engaged


  In the trenches at  the 140th Spotsylvania 2004  - portraying Pioneers in Doles Brigade May 10, 1864 

Troops along the Confederate line were taken by surprise, and since there was only 200 yards from the woods to the Rebel lines, the lines were taken  held by Doles' Georgia brigade.  When Upton's first line broke through they swept left and right to expand the hole in the Confederate line.


Five members of the 149th NY were part of the color guard and stood for this wet plate at Gallery Point, Lookout Mountain 

 On the 140th Anniversary of the "Battle Above the Clouds"  21-23 November , 2003 (Wet plate by Chris Morgan) 

Photos from the march



Ferrotypes taken at Lorenzo House LORENZO HOUSE - Sept 13-14, 2003 by JOHN COFFER

Remembrance Day 2002 The 149th NY (re-created),  marched to Culps Hill, Gettysburg and paid honors to the "Salt -Boilers"


St. Patrick's Day Clinton Square, Syracuse 2003


140th Gettysburg Potomac Legion 147 Pa. Impression July 4-5-6th

Liberty Rifles Living History Bedford Village Pa.