November 18th 2006 Von Gilsa's Brigade,  Gettysburg

The dead of  the 11th corps on the Culp's Farm 

The Hardtack Society and associates will be covering the often-overlooked action involving the skirmish line of Von Gilsa's Brigade on the Culp Farm. Starting at 9:30, we will be at the advance point of the line near the Culp buildings, and then trace their retrograde movement towards the Brickyard Lane at the base of East Cemetery Hill, and the Hays/Avery breakthrough at that point. It will culminate with a wreath-laying at the Von Gilsa brigade tablet along Wainwright Avenue.

This is the first year that our program seeks to honor not one specific unit, but all those that were in Von Gilsa's brigade (153rd PA, and 41st, 54th, and 68th New York) as well as those who fought near them.