Civil War Combat Battle of  Franklin 

The Salt Point Rangers & The Calico Boys, 

as guests of the Liberty Rifles, participated in the film production of a episode of the history channels' 

civil war combat series  to air in the FALL of 2002

the battle of Franklin

Based on the books; 

Embrace an Angry Wind,  



Co. Aytch, by Sam Watkins 

Tom Horton as Colonel Emerson Opdyke led a counter charge to retake the trenches in front of the Carter house

The Carter house set with trenches in fore ground and right


Sean Horton at the Lady house in Gettysburg, used as a Confederate hospital during the battle, used as the site of the filming of the Franklin episode  



Jamie Bosket in both his Federal and Rebel traps


Percy Clark as a Federal officer

Percy Clark as  General Hiram Grandbury, one of 15 out of 28 Confederate generals to die at the Battle of Franklin


       Carl Kramer                    Sean Horton              Tom & Sean                         


SAC company of the Liberty rifles spoons on camera

A Father & Son, the father at his first event 


Casey Osgood 's make up, he is mortally wounded and found by a mortally wounded brother in his scene . 

    Among the some 7000 dead & maimed, two brothers find each other

   as rebel officers   


  with the colors in the trenches


Robby Shorr and Percy Clark , two of the dead Confederate generals laid out on the porch

     Calicos and Phoenix Iron Pards in front of the Carter house set, which blew over during the night.                  

      in the trenches

      SAC, Calicos, and some Phoenix  Iron Pards in the trenches

               "Generally speaking boys, I think old Hood is insane" "Just cause them damn Yanks slipped by us , now we have ta charge them works?"                                            



                        the BATTLE OF fRANKLIN

                         CARTER HOUSE MUSEUM

In a recent Civil War News there is an article about the 140 acre Daniel Lady farm which is on the confederate left flank out side of Gettysburg. Its where members of the Calicos and Liberty rifles participated in the filming of episodes of Civil War Combat to be aired next fall. Officials of the township of Straban have said the non -profit  Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation association would have to stop holding fundraisers on the property because it is zoned for agriculture. 5 times last year Greystone paid a fee to use the land to film episodes for CW Combat.  The town ship found out about this when a fake brick Carter House was built for the Franklin episode that we participated in. The summers filming generated $10.000 towards the mortgage of the property which is $400.000.
The town supervisors have also barred the GBPA from bringing in reenactors to use the property. That fundraising events would have to limited to two a year by special permit.
For things to continue, it would have to changed to a special historical zoning category. The guys who participated last year, I think would agree that we share a bond with this place now.
In other news the 1940's era front porch where our chums Percy Clark and Robby Shorr lay dead as two of the 15 out of 28 confederate generals killed at the battle of Franklin, has been removed to restore the stone farm houses' 1863 appearance.

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