Antietam Living History

As the 6th Wisconsin, company I of the Iron Brigade

August 16 - 17, 2008




In Line of Battle, Near Sharpsburg, Maryland, September 18th, 1862
(Letter from Rufus Dawes)

"My Dear Mother:  I have come safely through two more terrible engagements with the enemy, that at South Mountain and the great battle of yesterday.  Our splendid regiment is almost destroyed.  We have had nearly four hundred men killed and wounded in the battles.  Seven of our officers were shot and three killed in yesterday's battle and nearly one hundred and fifty men killed and wounded.  All from less than three hundred engaged.   The men have stood like iron.   We are now under General Joseph Hooker.  Lieut. Colonel Bragg was wounded yesterday and I commanded the regiment during most of the battle.  The battle may be renewed at any time."

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