140th Battle of Franklin


The Spring Hill fight

The rebels in the distance in the fog

The Federal trench line during the battle

Company A, 104th Ohio

The Salt Boiler mess at Franklin

The color guard * 

Po' Dan is dead and gone

The 149th NY as the104th Ohio at rest on Sunday

"Tick" and Jeff Hays

Ration issue *

Rebel battle line in the fog *

Ready to move

Dan Houde, Ron Roth, and Kevin Warner at Friday's rally point

A battery near the Carter House line

Chris H

The Confederates over run the line *

Confederate dead at the Spring Hill fight

The Salt-Boilers at Spring Hill

The replica Carter house from the reserve trench line

The AOP working on the moat of the trench

Ron Roth, Dan Paterson during the Spring Hill fight

Loading and Firing

Men of Company A

Camp Saturday night

The AOP's sutler wagon

Photos with a * are from Jim Butler of the SRR

140th Battle of Franklin Media Show by Dan Paterson

Save The Franklin Battlefield

The Battle of Franklin

Civil War Combat film shoot