2005 Salt Boiler events

 William Seward House, Auburn N.Y. Christmas open house  Dec. 10, 2005




Tim's Live fire Thanksgiving pumpkin shoot November 26, 2005



Payne's Farm Preservation March Locust Grove Virginia October 28 -30th, 2005



Liberty Rifles Living History at the Army Heritage Museum in Carlisle Pa.

October 8th, 2005 




At Genesee Museum Village as the 90th NY with the Sons Of New York

July 15-17, 2005



Fredericksburg Virginia Living History

At the National Park historic site Chatham Manor July 1-3, 2005



Appomattox Virginia Living History "A Return To Peace"June 25-26, 2005

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Memorial Day activities 2005 



The Southern Guards' Spring drill May 14-15. 2005 Leesburg Virginia

Portraying an early war newly formed regiment on the grounds of Morvan Park. The mansion was known as "Swan's Castle" during the war and was the winter quarters of the 17th Mississippi in December of 1861, whose winter hut "foot prints" can still be seen



McDowell Re-enactment May 6-8, 2005 McDowell Virginia


Return of the Onondaga county regiments flags after restoration April 23, 2005



Liberty Rifles Officers School 4-6 of February, 2005 Bedford Village Pa.


Photos by Waylon Pashong Co.C Liberty Rifles