The Civil War In Central New York    

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Tin type by John Coffer

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The new Gettysburg visitors center April 2008 from Culp's Hill , with Big Round Top in upper left         by Allison Roth Bollinger bands

The Salt-boilers mess 2007 Live Fire (click on the image of Shawn's blast)

 Saunders field                                            photo by Theresa Piering

                                                          "Play Taps"                                    photo by Dan Paterson

  I have decided to call this web page of re-enacting  The American Civil War “Ruggles’ Rag”. 

In honor of William E. Ruggles.  

Listed as a deserter, but after the war became active in Veterans Remembrance, perhaps because of his brothers sacrifice and his fellow Veterans.   It's for us to keep their memory alive.       Ichimoku cloud

   A private in the 122nd NY who might have "borrowed" as his oun another's depictions of the regiment, illustration of a moment in time that eventually ended up in Scotland. He's buried next to his brother  Sgt. Philo Ruggles, K.I.A.,   In Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse, NY

Its’ purpose is to;  To be a dedication to the living historians every where who keep the memory alive. To become a compendium of Civil War re-enacting events, slang, songs and stories.  A scrap book to Honor the common soldier of the five infantry Regiments from Onondaga County. And lastly, to promote preservation of all things and places related to the American Civil War.  The Publisher   

                                " Potomac Legion Volley at Gettysburg"                    photo by Steven Houde

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"We drank from the same canteen" 




Soldiers & Sailors monument Clinton Square, Syracuse NY - Clinton Square cam

  First a story:  From the SYRACUSE DAILY COURIER and UNION, page 2, Sept. 4, 1862


  Those engaged in manufacturing military clothing should be cautious how they bring the hands in contact with the eyes. We well know what an attraction army blue possesses for the female sex, but then it is quite a different thing when a good Union soldier is enveloped in it, to protect the dear creatures from harm. A young lady a few days ago lost the sight of one eye, and will most probably lose the other, by working on blue army cloth. Her eyes were somewhat inflamed from the effects of a cold, and it was while in that state that she rubbed them with her fingers, which were discolored by the blue cloth. Again we caution females to beware of army blue! Fibonacci retracement    

Sandy Pond  2007 

Liberty Rifles spring drill

St. Pat's parade NY city

Seventeenth Annual Antietam National Battlefield Memorial Illumination Dec. 2, 2006

Wreaths Across America  Arlington Wreath Project Youtube video

2005 Salt Boiler mess event

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SOLDIERS & SAILORS MONUMENT    clinton square cam 



Battle of Franklin film shoot

A Letter sent home from the hodge march

After Action report from a winter camp - Winter 1864  Brandy Station Va.

Deja Vu all over again 

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101st New York regiment volunteers

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Battleship U.S.S. Texas

EXCELSIOR CORONET BAND - CNY's Only Authentic Civil War Brass Band                                      wpe3.jpg (47610 bytes)      



    Some comrades share a roast chicken


  In Memoriam  Don Hubbard 1943-2003
Don at the Third Winchester march 1999

Summer of 62 event Boonsboro Md. 2005


The Liberty Rifles at Gettysburg  November 17th 2007